Lets Always Make These Our “Special Guests” Learn At Our Events

I can comfortably say that I am an events man, having put in more than two decades into events management, majorly as Master of Ceremonies.

One thing I find appalling is the trend whereby our VIPs are allowed to exit an event shortly after “Opening Ceremonies”..

Regretfully, organisers of events including actors like MCs even help them to make excuses like “let’s allow them to go attend to other issues of the state”.

I keep wondering where these so called VIPs would ever learn, when they leave such events shortly after “declaring the events open”! This to me is another way of promoting arrogance and fat headedness amongst our political and technocratic leaders.

The pain is that many of our leaders don’t learn or read and when opportunity exists for them to listen to others and take something away, we allow them sip away.

Personally, I advise organisers of events to have a way of pinning down these guests in their opening ceremonies to at least get these our “big men” listen to the views and thoughts of others in a discourse coming under the banners of seminars or conferences.

You only need to engage some of our leaders, interrogate them on issues, ask them how many books they have read or number of courses the have attended while in office.

They will tell you they are busy with our problems.

We should ask them busy doing what? when there is no fresh and functional knowledge with which to lead the people.

But we are all culpable one way or the other in making ignorance pervasive in our highest quarters.

I remember an event which I anchored and MC and how I gathered the gusto to decently tell the VIP present to make the opening ceremony attendance as part of her “official busyness”! She grudgingly agreed to avoid embarrassment, but gladly she later confessed it was most educative for her.

We all have a role to play in making input into these our fat headed ogas in high places or we leave them to be empty and uninformed and by so doing rule us through rule of the thumb, leading to our continuous underdevelopment.

This is no longer the trend in a knowledge based world we are in now.

I don’t know if anyone is thinking like me on this issue.

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